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18 October 2018Horniman Museum

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Horniman Museum
Thursday 18 October 2018

The Horniman Museum in Forest Hill is an eclectic collection which dates from 1901.  We shall have an introductory talk about the museum, followed by a more specialised talk once we are in the newly refurbished World Gallery and look at the Benin Bronzes.  Then we shall be free to explore the other exhibitions and displays which include ‘Colour-the Rainbow revealed’ (extra charge £7 per person), a photographic display of life in North West Siberia (free), an amazing Bengal Tiger (free) as well as the Music Gallery (free).  Additionally we may visit the Aquarium (£4 extra charge) and the Butterfly House (£5.40 extra charge) as well as the magnificent gardens.

There is an on-site cafe where you can get refreshments including lunch and a museum shop.

Cost: £18 per person.

We shall leave Onslow Gardens by coach at 9.45 am, arrive in time for coffee at 11.00 am and depart from Horniman by 3.00 pm latest to arrive back at Onslow Gardens by 4.30 pm.