Kenley Academy Mosaic

The final completed work was fixed on the wall in June 2018.

The outside of the school was given an uplift.  it was thought that a mosaic would be a good idea  saying "Welcome to our Academy" which the children , their siblings and their parents  could see for years to come.

Each year the society’s members make voluntary donations to a fund to support the arts in local schools.

Each June an email is sent to all the Primary Schools in Croydon inviting bids for a grant to be used to carry out an art project. All the bids are judged for their ability actively to engage pupils, teachers and parents in the project.

During the Summer Term of 2017, the pupils of Geenvale School made a banner.  Most people had a chance to see this banner at our meeting on Thursday 11 January 2018.

Our  next project will start at Harris Academy in Kenley at the end of February 2018.

Greenvale Junior School Art Project

In May 2017 Greenvale Junior school was involved in a project.  The theme chosen for the banners was dogs and flowers.  A dog called Heidi was a weekly visitor to the school.  This meant no child was excluded if they did not have a dog.

The project lasted for three days over a period of three weeks.

The  children from different age groups, Art ability, background and also children with special needs, learnt how to draw dogs in five different ways, their dog character and various flowers.  They used ink pens, pastels, and collage with tissue and organza and felt appliqué.


Wolsey Infant School Art Project

”The Friendship Tree”

The work done by the pupils centred round the story of saving a tree that was scheduled to be pulled down to make way for houses.  Out of this developed activities involving the whole school associated with the environment and friendship.

The centre piece of the work was a large model tree.  Some pupils covered it with different shades of brown paper to resemble the bark of the tree.

The youngest pupils painted their hands, stamped them on a piece of paper and cut out the pattern to make the wings of a dove of friendship.  Two wings  were covered with feathers and stuck on to the body of a dove.  Many doves were constructed and then set to perch on the branches of the tree,

“Friendship apples” were made from polystyrene balls painted in different colours and covered with the flags of different countries.  The apples were hung from the tree.

Small figurines made from Modroc, were painted with different colours  and then attached to the trunk of the tree helping each other to climb the tree.

Enthusiastic parents helped with this activity, coming into the hall one Friday afternoon and having an enjoyable and productive time.

The tree is the centrepiece in the library.  Around the walls is artwork consisting of skyscraper buildings surrounded by trees.  More leaves and figures conceal pipe work.  Pin-up boards show drawings of trees made by blowing liquid paint to make branches and dotted with colours to show autumn leaves.



In the school year 2010/11 over 500 children from three schools were involved in three very different activities:

  • producing dry-point etchings
  • constructing a large mosaic for an external school wall
  • designing and making a felt wall hanging for the Parish Church.

The wall hanging commemorated not only the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible, but also the re-designation of the Parish Church as a Minster. The pictures illustrate the children working on the wall hanging.

For all the projects, photographs and films were taken showing the children working. A DVD was produced for each school and for the Society.

These grants to the schools were funded by the voluntary contributions from our members and by a grant from NADFAS. These enabled a specialist artist to be employed in each case to guide the children.

Hayes School Mural

Over 40 years ago a swimming pool was built by parents of The Hayes School, Kenley. In 2011 it was linked to the main building by a covered entrance and additional facilities added. This means that pupils from special schools and community groups as well as those from neighbouring schools can now use the pool.

In January 2012, the school, held a competition for the pupils to design a mural with the theme “Water” to be put on the wall of the new entrance. Over a period of several weeks sixteen talented artists from the school, helped by three students from the Oasis Academy, Coulsdon, completed the mural. The entrance now provides an exciting and stimulating welcome to the pool.

Redgates School

The Society has also been supporting work at Redgates School, Selsdon

Redgates is a small school in Selsdon for children in the Borough of Croydon who are severely impared. An artist helped the pupils to construct a collage. all the children worked in small grroups tocomplete the collage which now hangs on a wall inside the school. As soon as the children enter the school, they are taught a sign language called Makalon. They sent this message using the sign language to thank the Society for its help