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09 April 2020What really happened on Easter Island? CANCELLED
14 May 2020Orientalism, Chinoiserie and Japonisme - How three cultural styles influenced the West- CANCELLED
11 June 2020The G.P.O Film Unit - The Birth of Documentary Films - CANCELLED
09 July 2020Historical Techniques and Materials used by the Old Master Painters - CANCELLED
10 September 2020The Art of Steal - Nazi looting during WW2

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What really happened on Easter Island? CANCELLED Paul Bahn Thursday 09 April 2020

Easter Island, or Rapa Nui, is the most isolated piece of permanently inhabited land on the planet, and yet it produced a most extraordinary Stone Age culture: hundreds of sophisticated coastal stone platforms, more than a thousand enormous stone statues, the richest rock art in the Pacific, and a unique writing system. This talk will provide an introduction to the history of the discovery of this culture; to its principal features; and to what archaeology, oral traditions and, more recently, palaeobotanical evidence have combined to teach us about the island’s cultural rise and decline, its environmental crisis, and the lessons all this can teach us about how we look after the Earth as a whole.