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11 July 2019Scandinavian Landscape Painting, 1840-1910
12 September 2019Mary Delany and her 'Paper Mosaiks'
10 October 2019'Touching the Sublime' - English Romanesque and Gothic Illuminated Manuscripts
14 November 2019Christmas Dinner from Edward I to Edward VII

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Scandinavian Landscape Painting, 1840-1910 Caroline Levisse Thursday 11 July 2019

There is something special about Nordic nature. Its vastness, wilderness, and remoteness are some of the reasons it is so fascinating. Let’s not forget the exceptional light conditions, such as the midnight sun and auroras. Surely, nature has been a cornerstone of life in the Nordic countries. This importance is reflected in the history of art by the significant place held by landscape painting. We will explore various ways in which nature has been represented by Danish, Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish painters from 1840 to 1910. As we will see, nature was rarely just represented in a transparent, unmediated manner. It mirrored a national identity or an artist’s inner world.