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Dear Friends
The on going Coronavirus situation is not, unfortunately, getting any better. Indeed, it would seem that we have a long way to go before we can gather together again and enjoy our monthly lectures at All Saints. For this reason, your Committee has decided that as well as cancelling the April and May lectures, we will also cancel the June and July lectures and the August Special Interest Day. Many of the lecturers have approached us about the current situation and offered to postpone their approaching talk and rebook for next year, so we shall still be able to enjoy the promised lectures some time in the future. I am sorry for the disappointment this may cause anyone but I am sure you all understand the situation. It won’t go on for ever and we will enjoy our talks even more when life returns to normal. 

Best wishes to you all

Barbara Harker - Chairman The Arts Society Croydon Area


The aims of the Society are the promotion, cultivation, appreciation and study of the decorative and fine arts and the preservation and development of the national artistic heritage.

The Society is affiliated to The Arts Society (TAS)  and is linked to the societies of the Greater London area.

The main activities of the society consist of the Lecture Programme, Days of Special Interest, and visits to places of historical and cultural interest. We also organise a 4-day guided tour each summer.

In addition the Society supports the arts in local schools, and volunteers take part in heritage conservation work, which includes archival and museum conservation work, guiding and church recording.

We are always happy to welcome new members. Guests may come to individual lectures on payment of a small fee.

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